Welcome to Eelswamp, Chonburi
Lulu and Daisy Dairy Goat Farm

feb 2004

Hi, it's me, Lulu. My sister Daisy and I are the founding goats on our farm. So we are able to tell you a few things about its history and operation.

The farm is situated on about 20 rai of land near Pattaya, Chonburi.

The boss's house takes up about six rai of land. It was built in 2001. The farm started a couple of years later as the boss gradually accumulated the surrounding land. The farm is a dairy farm. We female goats are milked and our milk is made into delicious cheese.

The farm is a workers' cooperative: all the profits from the cheese are distributed to the staff. Boss gets nothing more than the love of his goats. But he seems quite happy with that.

Before we go to the farm, here are a few pics of the house and surrounding gardens:

  Here is a view from the staff quarters looking at the boss's house. That big dog on the left is Mr Gobbo. He's a friendly fellow, but, thankfully he knows his place, he can't come into the farm.

  The entrance to the house.

  Looking out from the house.

Inside the house.

  Looking at the staff house.

  The guesthouse for human visitors

Let's take a look at the farm now. ...=>

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