Lulu and Daisy Dairy Goat Farm - a walk to the farm

  "Hi. I'm Daisy, Lulu's sister. Welcome to the farm.  It all began in February 2003, the Year of the Goat. Haha! What a year! I and my sister Lulu, and her daughter Koala, were the first three members of the farm. We came from a crowded little pen in a back soi in Central Pattaya. The boss and his staff spent a few months learning how to take care of us. Life improved: better housing, better food, better health care. Lulu, my sister, was the queen goat. But I was the boss's favourite. We had the whole farm to ourselves for several months. Then the boss went to Nakon Sawan and bought many more goats. Now, one year later, there are more than thirty healthy goats, nine milking. Let's take a closer look.

To get to the farm you walk down this lovely path way.

Here comes Mai to do the milking.

No dogs allowed! Thanks God. I don't like dogs. They are hunters and we goats are creatures of flight. Better not let them in.

Here are four of the girls waiting to be milked ...

... and here's a view inside the girls' house. We each have our own room, raised from the ground, clean and cosy.

Hi, it's me , Lulu again. Let's take a look at the milkery..... on the next page.=>


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